People have different style preferences. So much of what makes advice good is the right style.


So I randomly came up with this system last night (applicable to any advice that is given or received in any kind of relationship, not specifically formal advisor/advisee relationships) to be good at advice

Different levels of advice

  • Level 0 — words of encouragement and acknowledgement: You don’t actually give advice.
  • Level 1 — anecdotes and sanity checks: You don’t actually give advice and mainly listen. Your advice is implied with your anecdotes and the questions you ask.
  • Level 2 — tactical and strategic: You diagnose the immediate situation and give direct advice without value judgments.
  • Level 3 — philosophical and principles: You diagnose the false belief underlying the question and guide them to view the situation through a different lens. …


Chantalle Dumonceaux

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