Random reflection: feeling home in the developing world

Feel loopy trying to stay up for my flight back tomorrow and to get back on schedule, and started reflecting on my Istanbul trip, and ended up word vomiting this in what was going to be a short message in response to…

People have different style preferences. So much of what makes advice good is the right style.


So I randomly came up with this system last night (applicable to any advice that is given or received in any kind of relationship, not specifically formal advisor/advisee relationships) to be good at advice

Different levels of advice

  • Level 0 — words of encouragement and acknowledgement: You don’t actually give advice.
  • Level 1…

Building Products That Help People be Their Aspirational Selves Without Going Bankrupt

It’s hard to succeed with a product that only makes money if people behave as their aspirational selves. Your churn is too high.


  • Gym memberships
  • Goal setting apps
  • Meditation apps

If you want to make money on these you have to get paid upfront or on a lock-in subscription…

I remember sitting in on a meeting with an angel investor who decided to pass on the deal and asking why. Investor: “She wasn’t likable enough.” Me: “Oh yea, what did she do?” Investor: “You heard the way she was talking to me.” Me: “Yea… she was quite direct I…

I went back and forth for a long time whether people are black and white or many shades of grey; whether morality is relative or absolute. To make sense of a worldview based on a framework of moral relativism I had to do all sorts of mental gymnastics and the…

When you think of Silicon Valley what do you think of? Maybe you think of Elon Musk going to space or Peter Thiel searching for immortality. Maybe you think of scrappy entrepreneurs using breakthrough technologies to change the world. In Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs benefit from networks that provide insider information…

Chantalle Dumonceaux

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